SCU-331 Sovereign

From 30 Minute Missions: Wargame
SCU-331 Sovereign
Sovereign 1.jpeg
Unit Type:Mech
Core Type:Alto
Total Defense:

A custom Serf unit upgraded with capture maxion armors and intended to be a commander unit. it's standard load out is similar to a Serf unit, but carries a greater amount of beam sabers and extra equipment around it body.


2 Commander alto shields, 1 on each hip acting as side skirts and beam saber storage.

4 Scarlet Sabers. custom foresteri plasma sabers, each named after a fellow comrade.

1 M-13 SMG. rapid fire kinetic SMG with reduced energy consumption.

2 smoke dischargers. located on the back

2 chain guns. hidden within the sovereign's knees for a surprise attack

2 wing thrusters. located on the back to allow the Sovereign to quickly move through the battlefield.