From 30 Minute Missions: Wargame

Story: In the year 2XXX, a war is being waged between The Earth Alliance and The Byron Army.

Decades earlier, an interspatial portal, also known as a "Gate" appeared in Earth's orbit in an event called "The Sky Fall Incident". Conflicts erupted between nations, and a new weapon would change warfare: The ExAMACS. ExAMACS are humanoid robots based on modular construction, highly customizable for every mission.

Soon another portal opened, and the army of the planet Byron invaded the Earth. Using their own advanced ExAMACS designs, the Byron Army proved to be a dangerous enemy. In response, the Earth's governments united under the banner of The Earth Alliance to stand against the Byron threat.

As the war between Earth and Byron raged, a third gate appeared above the Earth's moon. From this gate emerged a new force from planet Maxion, strange ExAMACS constructed of a unknown alloy that were both highly mobile and resilient. Maxion launched attacks against Earth and Byron forces, dragging the conflict into a three-way war.

Who shall be left standing? That is for you to decide.

Welcome to the War...