From 30 Minute Missions: Wargame

In the year 2XXX, an interdimensional portal, or "Gate," appeared in Earth's orbit in an event referred to in history books as "The Skyfall Incident". Conflicts erupted between nations over the resources located on the other side of the Gate and, eventually, a new weapon was designed that would change warfare forever. ExAMACS (Extended Armament & Module Assemble & Combine System): humanoid robots with highly modular designs, customizable for every type of terrain, situation, or mission.

Decades later, a second Gate opened. Through it came an invading army from the planet Byron. Using their own advanced ExAMACS designs, the Byron Army proved to be a dangerous foe, forcing the Earth's governments to unite under the banner of The Earth Alliance in order to stand against the new, existential threat to the planet.

However, as the war between Earth and Byron raged, a third Gate appeared above Earth's moon. From it emerged a new army from planet Maxion, which utilized strange ExAMACS constructed of an unknown alloy; ExAMACS that were both highly mobile and incredibly resilient. Maxion launched attacks against Earth and Byron forces simultaneously, dragging the conflict into a three-way war.

Who shall be left standing? That is for you to decide.

Welcome to the War...

Within the planetary forces, there are several minor factions with competing motivations and interests. To learn more, visit the Factions page.