Page Creation Shortcut

From 30 Minute Missions: Wargame

Use this page to create other pages with the templates already ready for you. How to use this page: Just enter the name of the weapon, unit, or other thing you want and press create the create button in the textboxes below. Make sure to enter the exact name of what you want to call the page as this is how you will look it up later. These pages are built with templates that should guide you on how to create and fill out your pages. You can always ignore the fields or delete them to put whatever you want but make sure to know that we built the templates to make it easier to fill in data and to make all the pages match.

Using a template:


All templates are written using fields (written as you see above) that should be obvious, but you are uncertain of what a field means or whether you would want it you can enter some data and click show preview which will let you see the page before you publish it. Most fields will disappear if you do not fill in the data. Also when you're done filling out the Template you are able to add more information below it and format it to your wishes. Please see to help with Mediawiki markup and formatting.

Create a Unit

Create a Pilot

Create a Weapon