From 30 Minute Missions: Wargame
NVX-06 "Nakozu"
Unit Type:Mech
Core Type:Portanova
Total Defense:253
Manufacturer(s):Byron Empire

Created in secrecy to combat the Earth Alliance. The sudden appearance of the Maxion Army forced the early deployment of the Unit. The Nakozu uses High Output Thrusters and an Experimental Drone System to attack multiple threats at once. Thermal buildup must be discharged via vents on the shoulders and waist. The exhaust gives off a golden dust-like hue.


The NVX-06 is outfitted with 3 non-AI drones that can encircle the Unit when deployed.

It also has 3 separate High Output Thrusters located on its torso.

The primary weapon of choice is the Carbon Strike Rifle. This rifle isn't standard to what the Byron normally makes. This weapon fires a kinetic projectile rather than energy. This is because the Earth Alliance has created an effective shield severely reducing the effects of energy-based weapons.