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Abilities are the collective name of various active and passive effects a players unit can take. there are 3 types of abilities: Systems, Mods, And Traits. the amount of each type of ability that can be taken by a single unit at any given time is based on their Pilot Rank. the higher their pilot rank, the more abilities they can take.


Systems are abilities tied to weapons, armor, and equipment on a players unit. Just equipping a piece to a mech does not automatically enable that ability, and must instead be purchased before battle. these cost an amount Of points that are added to the units total Deployment Cost. if a unit is equipped with multiple weapons that have the same system, that system only needs to be bought once to activate for all weapons with that system.

The total number of systems a player can equip their unit with is 5, regardless of pilot rank. This limit can be increased by mods


Mods are abilities that normally cant be seen on a unit or their equipment, such as reinforced armor, or better energy generators. Unlike systems, mods do not cost additional points of DC to equip as their cost is tied to their pilot rank. the higher a unit's pilot rank, the more mods they are able to equip, as show below:


Traits are the last type of abilities and represent a pilots personality. like Mods, Trait costs are included in the cost of the units pilot rank. the number of traits a unit can take is limited to 2 for a rank 5 pilot.

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