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Mission Intel

Mission Rules
Objective Markers:
The defending player places down 3 objective markers anywhere within the light blue hexes marked on the map. Objective markers must be 4 hexes away from one another. Each marker has a max defense of 10 points. Once all points have been lost, the marker is destroyed and removed from the battlefield. The Mission is over when all 3 marker tokens are off the battlefield, whether by being taken to the attackers' side of the table or being destroyed.
A Walk in the Park:
During the deployment phase, the attacking player can only deploy the Unit with the lowest deployment cost in their squad. The others are placed in reserves [Tentative name change]. Throughout the first round, the defender cannot activate any of their Units unless the Quick Reaction Force (see below) has been activated.
Quick Reaction Force:
Once an attack has been made, by either side, the attacking player can then deploy the rest of their squad on the hexes along the short table edge of the deployment area. This action begins once the attacking Units turn has ended.
Information Gathering (Action):
The attackers' Units can begin to perform this action at the end of their movement phases if they are within a 1-hex radius and on the same elevation as the objective marker. While performing the action, the Unit cannot attack. The action is completed at the end of the Units turn as long as it remains on the same elevation and within a 1-hex radius. Once completed, remove the objective marker from the battlefield and give the Unit a marker token. This stays with the Unit until destruction.

Mission Objective
Points are awarded as follows:
Information Recieved:
1 Point is awarded to the attacker for every marker token that is inside the deployment area at the end of the round. 2 Points are awarded for each marker token that makes it to the short table edge of the attackers' deployment area at the end of a round. To a total of 3 points per marker token.
Access Denied:
1 point is awarded to the defender for every attacking Unit that is destroyed. 3 points are awarded if the destroyed Unit was carrying the marker token.
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