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Pilot Identification Cards

Pilot ID cards are meant to be a non-consumable item that details information about the Pilot for your Unit. Once you create a Pilot ID card, you can continue to use it for other Units after a mission is completed.

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How to fill out a Pilot ID Card:

  1. Download and print the ID cards.
    • A standard sheet of A4 paper yields 9 ID cards.
  2. Give your Pilot a name.
  3. Give your Pilot a Rank/Artificial Intelligence.
    • Use the chart and fill in the appropriate field.
    • The Higher the rank, the more bonuses you receive - however, you will pay a higher Deployment Cost
    • Ranks range from 1-5.
    • A.I.s range from Simple to Intermediate to Advanced.
  4. Determine Stats.
    • Once a Rank/AI has been chosen, fill in the Stat Reduction Modifiers (S.R.M.), Available Mods, and Available Traits.
    • Stats are listed on the right side of each Rank/A.I. level on the Pilot ID chart.
  5. Choose your Pilot's Traits.
    • The number of Available Traits is based on Rank.
    • The complete list of Pilot Traits can be found on the Parts List below.
  6. Determine your Pilot's Deployment Cost.
    • The far-right column labeled as "DC" is the Rank/A.I.'s corresponding Deployment Cost.
    • Write that number down in the upper right area.
  7. Your newly created Pilot is ready to be paired up with a Unit!

Unit Datasheets

Blank Core Types

Below are Blank Datasheets for Unit Core Types which correspond to the Chest Part of your Unit. If your Unit uses a Rabiot chest, then select the Rabiot Datasheet. If your Unit doesn't use a conventional Chest Part, then select the one that closely matches. A Unit Datasheet is a consumable item. This means that after every mission, a new one needs to be created.

Mech Units

Vehicle Units

Premade Unit Datasheets

Core Rules
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